Woman's world title match

in 100-square draughts

19 – 30 of November Riga, Latvia

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  • World champion

    Zoja Golubeva


    Zoja Golubeva (Sadovska) was born in Minsk on April 30, 1967. International grandmaster in draughts. She is 16-time Women’s World Champion.

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  • World champion 2016

    Natalia Sadowska


    Natalia Sadowska was born in Poland on July 27, 1991. International grandmaster in draughts. She is hightly rated women’s player for Poland.

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  • Comments on the match Zoja Golubeva versus Natalia Sadowska in Riga

    This is the first time I keep a watchful eye on women match for the world title. I know about the matches played by women before, but for me it was more or less a passing by attitude. This time in Riga it was different. My good colleague Raimonds Vipulis was a trainer on Zoja’s side.

  • Winner of Women's world title match is Natalia Sadowska!

    On November 30 ended the Woman's world title match and the winner is Natalia Sadowska!

  • Soon the Woman's World Title match will be over

    After the seventh round the leader is Natalia Sadowska, but they still have two more rounds to play. Closing ceremony will be held on December 1.