Riga, 19 – 30 of November

Hotel Kempinski Riga, Aspazijas bulvāris 22


  • Day 1

    November 19th

    The opening ceremony, technical meeting

  • Day 2

    November 20th

    Round 1

  • Day 3

    November 21st

    Round 2

  • Day 4

    November 22nd

    Round 3

  • Day 5

    November 23rd

    Day of rest

  • Day 6

    November 24th

    Round 4

  • Day 7

    November 25th

    Round 5

  • Day 8

    November 26th

    Round 6

  • Day 9

    November 27th

    Day of rest

  • Day 10

    November 28th

    Round 7

  • Day 11

    November 29th

    Round 8

  • Day 12

    November 30th

    Round 9, closing ceremony (if no tie-break)

  • Day 13

    December 1st

    Departure or tie-break, closing ceremony (if tie-break)

  • Day 14

    December 2nd

    Departure (if tie-break)


General organization

  • 1 The organization of the Woman’s World Match Championship 2018 has been allotted by the FMJD (World Draughts Federation) to the Latvian Draughts Federation and will take place from November 19th till November 30th, 2018.
  • 2 The tournament will take place in: Riga (Latvia).
  • 3 The match will be held between 2 players:
    • 3.1 Zoja Golubeva (Latvia) World Champion
    • 3.2 Natalia Sadowska (Poland) World Champion 2016
  • 4 The Organization Committee has done a website at the address match.dambrete.lv where will be possible to have all information’s about the Match, to see the games, to have the results day per day in real time.
  • 5 The tournament will be supervised by main referee – international referee Andriy Shcherbatyuk. He will be guided by strict maintenance of the FMJD rules and regulations.
  • 6 All players have to be present in the Opening ceremony and at the Closing ceremony.

Specific rules for the match

  • 7 The match consists of 9 rounds:
    • 7.1 1st game → standard game 1h20' + 1' per move.
    • If nor draw, then the result of the round if 12:0 for the winner. Round is completed.
    • 7.2 Next game (if needed) is a rapid game 20' + 5” per move.
    • If nor draw, then the result of the round if 8:4 for the winner and round is completed.
    • 7.3 Next game (if needed) is a blitz game 5' + 3” per move.
    • If nor draw, then the result of the round if 7:5 for the winner and round is completed.
    • 7.4 After draw in blitz game round is completed and the results of the round is 6:6.
  • 8 Win
    • The player who gets more points wins the match.
    • In case of equality the following criteria will be applied in the following order:
      • 8.1 better score in standard games
      • 8.2 better score in rapid games
      • 8.3 deciding tie-break
  • 9 Deciding tie-break
    • Deciding tiebreak will be played on the next day. The tiebreak consists of unlimited number of games until first victory. First four games will be played as a rapid game (20’+5”), since game number 5th blitz games (5’ +3”) will be played until the end.


  • 10 Prize money 17.000€. This will be divided as follow:
    • 10.1 8.500€ to both if match will be ended after tie-break (p.9)
    • 10.2 Otherwise, 10.000€ for the winner and 7.000€ for her opponent.


  • 11 If one of the player will get more then 54 points, then match will not be continued as result is clear.
  • 12 A Jury d’Appel (appeal board) has been composed by the CD of the FMJD. Chairman: Frank Teer (Netherlands) Members: Jan Zioltkowski (Germany), Aare Harak (Estonia). According FMJD Annex II, the appeal has to be written in English. The protest must be accompanied with the sum of 100 euros, as a deposit from the signatory. The deposit must be handed to the main referee. If the appeal is granted, the sum shall be returned immediately. If the appeal is refused, the deposit is forfeited to the FMJD. The appeal has to be lodged by the player within 30 minutes after the game. The decisions of the Jury d'Appel are final.
  • 13 In the case of lack of clarity in the FMJD regulations or in these regulations, or in unforeseen circumstances, the matter at hand will be decided by the main referee in consultation FMJD tournament director.