News Women’s world title match 2018 in Riga

Women’s world title match 2018 in Riga

From the 19th till 30th of November Latvia is hosting Women’s World title match 2018. The title match of World Champion Zoja Golubeva and Natalia Sadowska in international 100 draughts will be the biggest draughts event held in Latvia till this day.

The Women’s world title match 2018 will be between Zoja Golubeva (Latvia) and Natalia Sadowska (Poland).  After winning the title match in 2017, Golubeva (born in 1967) has been the world champion for 16 times and is one of the highest ranked draughts players in the world.  Natalia Sadowska (born in 1991) has also shown great results – World Champion title in 2016, 1st place in World Cup in 2016 and 2017 and Polish champion title in 2018 between men. As of now, Natalia is ranked as the 2nd best player in the world (2245), but Zoja is in the 3rd place (2233).

The match will be held by the rules of World Draughts federation (FMJD). First place winner will receive 10 000 € money prize and the second place 7 000 € money prize. The match will be open to audience in Grant Hotel Kempinski Riga, Aspazijas bulvaris 22.  The main sponsors of this event are The Society of Daughtry Development, hotel Grand Hotel Kempinski and media agencies Initiative Latvia and Marvelous Communication. 


The opportunity to be the country in which the World Title Match 2018 is being held in shows the rapid growth of draughts sport in Latvia and that the country can have a major role in organising tournaments in the future.