News Women’s World Championship Opener in 10x10 Draughts

Women’s World Championship Opener in 10x10 Draughts

On November 19 the opening ceremony for the Women’s World Title Match in 10x10 draughts was held in Riga.  The president of Latvian Draughts Federation Roberts Misāns stated: „This competition is a very significant event not only for Latvian, but also international draughts. We are expecting an exciting and intense battle between two world class players. Latvian Draughts Federation is honored  to organize this championship and prove ourselves as draughts championship organizing country on a global level.”


„At this time when Latvia celebrates its centenary, such world wide competitons are particularly significant. I am thankful to Roberts Misāns and the Latvian Draughts Federation for organizing this draughts celebration for us!” expressed Zoja Golubeva during the opening ceremony. She is representing Latvia in the competition and has already won the World Championship sixteen times.


Zoja’s opponent, an athlete from Poland, Natalia Sadovska expressed  her pleasure in being in Riga and being able to compete with such a strong  and experienced player as Zoja Golubeva. Sadovska has won the World Championship in 2016 and 2017, and has become the Polish champion among men in 2018.


As emphasized by the president of Latvian Draughts Federation Roberts Misāns: ”Our goal is to promote the recognition of draughts as a sport in Latvia, as well as to build a system for young people to look at draughts as a potential profession. Organizing such an important event in Riga definitely helps to achieve those goals. I wish both of the players strength and a successful  match!”


The World Championship title match will take place in accordance with the rules of the World Draughts Federation (FMJD). The first match will be played in November 20 and the competion will last through November 30. The champion will receive a prize of 10’000 euros and the 2nd place winner will take home a prize of 7’000 euros. The competition can be seen online on the LDF website:, or live on the spot at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga, Aspazijas Boulevard 22.


The main sponsors are Draughts Development Union (Dambretes attīstības biedrība), media agencies Initiative Latvia and Marvelous Communication, as well as  Grand Hotel Kempinski.